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Play And Learn English 1

Play And Learn English 1: Play And Learn English is designed for anyone who wants to learn English while p Learn English is designed for anyone who wants to learn English while playing a game. Suitable for children and adult beginners, this software allows you to learn more than 220 words which are organized neatly into the following categories: * Numbers * Family * Colors * Clothes * Animals * Countries * School * Food * Body * Travel * Toys * Nature For each category there are: * Learning section where all words are displayed and spoken * 4-words section

Effective-English 5.1: Hear many words from a native English speaker and great pictures
Effective-English 5.1

English. There are many great and important words, as well as learning sentences to use them. You can hear the words that are spoken in native English. There are many word`s to learn in 10 categories such as Fruit, Colors, Animals etc. Play games to help remember words easier. There are varieties of fun exercises that focus on words with spelling, along with word and picture associations with Flash cards. Learn to spell and write words. Learn English

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Effective English for kids 7.0

English Word Games for Kids and ESL learners. Try this free vocabulary software to learn English words. Effective English for Kids will help your child in gaining confidence with great English word games to learn English well. Learning a new language can be hard. This is perfect for first language or ESL learners in home schooling. Help your child to pick up common word while being immersed with many series of challenges. Desktop English Word Games

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ABC English Made Easy 2.6

learn. There are a variety of fun exercises, which focus on words and spelling along with word and picture association. Build up a catalog of essential words and well as learning sentences to use them. Essential literacy and numeracy skills. Features up to 150 various items to learn.Click buttons to hear the computer speak and then you try. Learn english the fun way with interactive with sounds to help. You can also play animations of the alphabet

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WordsLearner 1.2: Learn foreign words in a fun and easy way with WordsLearner
WordsLearner 1.2

learning aid. With this tool, you`ll only be learning words that you need to. No pre-defined dictionaries and no generic lessons are needed or included with WordsLearner. Create your own word lists and let WordsLearner help you memorize your new vocabulary! With WordsLearner, you can learn more than 50 languages. WordsLearner offers yet another vehicle to bring foreign words before your eyes. The tool helps intermediate students learn English, Spanish

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Learning English & Armenian Language 3.8: Learning English and Armenian with pronounces aloud with native Armenian
Learning English & Armenian Language 3.8

learn Armenian language. Learning English & Armenian Language is part of a unique suite of language learning applications that will help you memorize thousands of foreign words quickly and easily. It translates in both directions between English and Armenian and pronounces the English and Armenian translation aloud with native Armenian! The ability to pronounce English and Armenian words is the distinguishing feature of this software. Now you never

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Cafe English 1.0: World`s biggest English learning software - 40 Chapters, 6 CDs, Videos, Audio.
Cafe English 1.0

Cafe English is the world`s biggest spoken English learning software. This huge software has 40 chapters spread in 6 CDs. Each chapter focuses on a specific part of your daily life. Rich multimedia content with tons of audio and video to give you lots of listening and speaking practice. Multiple exercise types to keep you engrossed in learning. Talk to on-screen virtual characters through your headphone-mic and build up your fluency quickly.

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